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Runway reconstruction continues at Sioux Gateway Airport

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Since April, crews have been working on revamping a runway that features concrete from 1942.

The airport was closed on two separate occasions to allow for some of the work to be completed.

While most of the underground work has been done, crews are working on leveling and grading the runway so asphalt can be laid.

The airport’s Operations Manager says even though the weather hasn’t always cooperated this year, the project is still on track to be completed next year.

“This was the original date, we started early hoping the contractor and weather would cooperate, but the weather hasn’t cooperated very well this year, so we still have time up until July of next year,” said John Backer, Airport Operations Manager.

Backer added they have three more projects in the works.

This includes reconstruction of a piece of Taxiway C, a drainage basin on the northside of the Airfield, and some ramp and drainage improvements.

Brett Funke

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