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South Dakota Highway 48 reopens after flood damage repairs

AKRON, Iowa (KTIV) – After nearly seven months, the construction to repair flood damage to a South Dakota Highway is complete.

Businesses and residents in South Dakota, and Akron, Iowa celebrated the occasion Wednesday night.

City leaders in Akron put together an event called “Celebrate 48” to mark the opening of Highway 48.

The gathering was organized as a way to say thank you to South Dakota residents, and to welcome them back to Akron.

The president of the Akron Chamber of Commerce said it has been a challenging six months for many families and businesses.

She said businesses in Akron noticed a decrease in sales and a 30 to 40-percent reduction in foot traffic.

“It’s impactful, and a domino effect essentially, and so with Highway 48 being closed some of those farmers still drove around you know 30 to 40 extra miles to get here,” said Jennie Roed, President of the Akron Chamber of Commerce.

“Celebrate 48” was held in the parking lot of Britton Chiropractic in Akron at 5 pm, Wednesday.

They served meals and gave away $10 chamber bucks, which can be used in Akron Chamber businesses.

Xava Parra

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