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Former North Sioux City police officer found guilty of killing resident’s cat

UNION COUNTY, South Dakota (KTIV) – A former North Sioux City police officer has been found guilty of two charges after authorities say he admitted to shooting a resident’s cat.

Derek McIntosh was found guilty of killing or injuring an animal of another person and misconduct by a municipal officer. He was found not guilty on a pair of False Reporting to Law Enforcement charges.

He is set to be sentenced at 11 a.m. on November 1.

According to a criminal complaint filed in May, McIntosh was accused of intentionally killed a cat belonging to a couple. When asked about the cat, McIntosh told the couple that sometimes authorities move stray cats to the North Sioux City Cemetery.

The complaint says McIntosh admitted to another officer he shot the cat.

Authorities found the bodies of two dead cats in the cemetery and a pair of purple medical gloves that appeared to be the same type used by North Sioux City Police.

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