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Nebraska Courts hosts series of public engagement sessions for Native American community

NIOBRARA, Neb. (KTIV) – Nebraska Courts invited the Native American Community to several different public engagement sessions this week.

The second session was in Niobrara on Wednesday.

The sessions offer a chance for Native Americans in Nebraska to ask any questions and voice any concerns they have regarding the court system.

“We’ve convened a team, a consortium of representatives from the Tribal, State, and Federal Courts that are intending to work together on an ongoing and more formalized basis to try to find ways where the different court systems can work together, can find ways where there are conflicts between the systems, to make those work better, to find points where there can be synergy where the systems could work together better, to better serve the different communities which we all take care of,” said Patrick Runge, Winnebago and Ponca Tribal Court Chief Judge.

Facilitators say some of the concerns among the Native American community include knowing your basic rights in any court.

“That’s really one of the things that we want to work on more than anything is to create, as much as we can, a system where the public could feel like the courts in all levels, both Tribal, State, and Federal, can be a trusted system and a trusted partner to help resolve disputes and to work to solve the problems that are facing all our communities,” said Runge.

While there are only four total sessions this month, Nebraska Courts representatives hope to continue to host public engagement events.

They say sessions like these are important in order to make a difference in the communities they serve.

To see the details of each session and the dates, click here.

Libbie Randall

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