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Nebraska student carves 7-foot Superman into tree

LINCOLN, Neb. (CNN) – It’s a bird! it’s a plane! It’s a…Tree?!?

It’s a 7-foot-tall Superman carved into a tree in Nebraska. This is what Jason Thompson decided to do with the tree in his front yard that was dying.

He’d always loved Superman but, not quite the artist himself, he started reaching out to folks to find someone to bring his vision to life.

He was turned down over and over again. People said it was just too hard.

Until he found David Huismann. An architecture student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and he was up for the challenge.

“Well, I said I could do it that’s for sure, I’ve never done a human figure before so the hardest part was getting the proportions right. But once I got that figured out it was just a bunch of carving a slashing away,” said Huismann.

He says it took him about a year to finish Superman, but it was all worth it.

One day, Huismann hopes he can integrate his carving talents with his career in architecture.


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