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Another warmer day tomorrow followed by snow chances

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – The start of this week has been on the chilly side.

But luckily, today was slightly warmer than yesterday, and we will continue to warm up through tomorrow.

Today’s high reached the upper 40s, with a partly cloudy sky.

Winds made eastern Siouxland feel colder, with gusts around 30 mph.

Tonight, the winds will calm down, and stay that way into tomorrow.

Tonight will have mostly clear skies, but some patchy fog could arrive mainly out east, so be careful if you are driving anywhere tonight.

The low will be in the low 30s.

Saturday’s skies will stay mostly sunny, and the high will be near 60.

It’s looking like a nice mild day, but savor it, because we take a dive in temperatures the days following.

Saturday night will build clouds overhead, and the low will be in the upper 20s.

Sunday’s high will only reach the mid 30s, and in the afternoon, snow chances will arrive, which will continue through the night.

It looks to be light as of right now, with the majority of Siouxland getting around 1 to 2 inches, but of course keep an eye on the forecast as we get closer to Sunday, in case things change.

Monday will be partly cloudy, and colder, with a high in the low 20s.

Monday night’s low will drop into the single digits, and Tuesday only warms up to the mid 20s.

Wednesday will be mostly cloudy, with a high in the upper 30s.

Thursday will be similar to Wednesday.

Friday’s high will reach the low 40s, with another partly cloudy day.

Leslie London

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