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Iowa task force takes on criminal justice reform

DES MOINES (KTIV) – Iowa’s new state criminal justice reform committee met for the first time on Thursday.

Lieutenant Gov. Adam Gregg is leading the group comprised of members from law enforcement and civil rights groups.

The committee’s goal is to recommend ways to reduce the tendency of a convicted criminal to re-offend and to create a more fair and unbiased criminal justice system.

Much of yesterday’s meeting focused on how the discharge and reentry process works.

But Daniel Zeno of the ACLU wants to change policies that require jail time for a crime.

“While it’s important to think about the back end and how do we help people when they get out and help them be more successful,” said Daniel Zeno, ACLU of Iowa. “It also means thinking about, and I think that will be the second part of the work, how do we think about, what are the policy choices we made that resulted in people going to prison in the first place and should they be going to prison.”

Recommendations are due by the time the legislature starts the 2020 session in January.

NBC News

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