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Siouxland students learn about grain bin safety

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Agriculture is a way of life here in the Midwest.

But, it can also be one of the most dangerous industries.

The Director for the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety says serious, and life-threatening, injuries can happen in a matter of seconds when working around grain facilities.

On Monday, ag & fire science students from local high schools and colleges learned about grain bin safety at the Sioux City Fire Rescue Training Center.

A grain engulfment simulator was used so students could learn the proper procedure for entering a grain bin, and rescuing someone who is trapped in a grain bin.

“We’re going to sink them into the grain down to their waist, so that way we give them a feeling for what it’s like, and again once you get over your knees you are probably trapped, once you get to your waist you can’t move,” said Dan Neenan, Director for the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety.

Neenan says the goal of the training is to make the students aware of the threats they can face when working around grain facilities.

This way, they can protect themselves in case of an emergency.

“You just think that you wouldn’t be able to get trapped, but like when the auger moves you go down so fast that you can’t get out,” said student Jonah Snieder.

Neenan has taken the trailer to 23 different states and has trained hundreds of students.

Xava Parra

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