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Impeachment Hearing: David Holmes testifies

(NBC News) — The public testimony phase of the House impeachment inquiry continued Thursday with testimony about efforts to pressure Ukraine to deliver the investigations President Trump wanted.

State Department official David Holmes testified he actually heard the President say what he wanted. Recalling how he overheard a phone call between President Trump and his European Union ambassador, Gordon Sondland.

Holmes said he could hear President Trump asking whether Ukraine’s president would announce the investigations into political rival Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter.

“He said oh yeah, he’s going to do it. He’ll do anything you ask,” said Holmes

The top House Republican said Democrats haven’t demonstrated a need to impeach President Trump.

Kevin McCarthy referred to the impeachment hearings as a “political hit job” on President Trump, which has lacked due process, including the ability of Republicans to call their own witnesses.

“Again we have not had a witness we requested outside of those Adam Schiff has gone through his audition. We do not have a process where the president’s own attorney could have a cross-examination,” said Rep. McCarthy. “We do not have due process. And again despite all the advantage to Adam Schiff, he still cannot come up with a reason to impeach the president.”

McCarthy said he doesn’t see a scenario under which the president would offer his own testimony.

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