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Presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks on presidency, healthcare

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Presidential candidate Andrew Yang stopped in Sioux City Saturday night for the opening of his new campaign office.

People from all around Siouxland came out in support of Yang.

He toured his new office and thanked his supporters for coming out.

Yang also spoke on things he would do as president.

“I’m running for president because I’m laser-focused on solving the problems that got Donald Trump elected. I’m the best position to take him on because I see the problems, I know what the solutions are and I can build a much broader coalition to beat him in 2020, I’m already peeling of thousands of disaffected Trump supporters,” said Yang.

Yang says that a big reason why Trump won in Iowa was because of the loss of manufacturing jobs here in the state.

He also touched on big topics like healthcare.

“Healthcare is breaking our backs. We’re already paying for it through the nose. I’m for Medicare for all, but I would not get rid of everyone’s private insurance plan,” said Yang. “We need to out-compete those private insurance plans and show the American people that a public option is a better alternative.”

Yang says the energy Sioux City has, grows every day.


SIOUX CITY (KTIV) –  People from all around Siouxland gathered in support of presidential candidate Andrew Yang Saturday night at the opening of his Sioux City office.

Yang spoke to his supporters about how important the state of Iowa is to the election.

He also touched on the different focuses of his campaign.

Yang says he’s excited to open this office in Sioux City.

“The energy here in Sioux City and Iowa just grows every single day. We’re gonna grow and grow and peak at the right time and then shock the world on February 3rd,” said Andrew Yang, presidential candidate.

Yang took time after speaking to chat and take pictures with supporters.

Hear more from Yang, and his views on healthcare and the presidency, Sunday on News 4 at 5.

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