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Dakota County, NE, prepares for winter storm

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE (KTIV) – Deanna Hagberg, the emergency management director for Dakota County, Nebraska, said they have already started preparing for the incoming snowstorm.

She says plows and salt trucks are being checked and fueled prior to operation, in order to be sure that once the storm arrives, everything will be ready.

She said that they will determine when to send out plows by the amount of snow that has fallen. But she says they will pull the plows if visibility becomes dangerously low for everywhere except emergency routes.

She added there are ways the citizens can help, including parking all cars in their private driveways, that way roads can be completely cleared, and if you can avoid driving, you should.

“If you are planning on traveling for the holidays, look to see what the travel conditions are. If you can leave a little earlier, that would be better. But we don’t need people out there trying to travel in weather that is unfit. And make sure you have your emergency vehicle kits together.” said Deanna Hagberg, Dakota County Emergency Management Director.

Hagberg also suggested to include things like water, food, snow scrapers, phone chargers, and kitty litter or sand for some of the supplies in an emergency vehicle kit.

Leslie London

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