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Sioux City approves ordinance amending pit bull ban

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) — Since 2008, the city of Sioux City has banned the ownership of any dog that’s more than 50-percent pit bull.

But on Monday, November 25, the city council approved the final reading of an ordinance amending the ban.

The Sioux City Council voted 4-1 to repeal the ban. Councilman Peter Groetken opposed the repeal.

When the ban was first passed it prevented anyone from owning a dog within city limits that was 51 percent or more pit bull.

The council passed the ban on pit bulls within city limits a decade ago, after several high-profile cases of people, and other pets, being bitten and attacked by the dogs.

Pit bulls that were already legally licensed in the city were grandfathered in.

The two previous readings passed during the October 14 and October 21 city council meetings.

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