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New cameras designed to catch drivers using cell phones rolled out in Australia

(NBC News) — Australian Transport Authorities say New South Wales State, home to the country’s largest city, Sydney, has rolled out mobile phone detection cameras to help cut the number of fatalities on the road by a third over two years.

The world-first mobile phone detection cameras, according to the Transport for New South Wales which manages the state’s transport services, operate day and night in all weather conditions to determine if a driver is handling a mobile phone.

Transport for New South Wales said the mobile phone detection cameras use artificial intelligence to review images and detect illegal use of the devices.

Making or receiving calls is legal, but only hands-free in New South Wales.

All other functions, including video calling, using social media or photography are illegal while driving.

“Us leading in this way will potentially save thousands and tens of thousands of lives across the world,” said Bernard Carlon, the Executive Director of Centers for Road Safety & Maritime Safety.

According to official statistics, so far this year 329 people have died on New South Wales roads, following 354 people in 2018.

NBC News

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