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Authorities alerting public to new area sweepstakes scam

SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa (KUOO) -- Authorities are alerting the public to the latest scam making the rounds.

According to our news partner KUOO Radio, the scam consists of a letter claiming the recipient has won a sizable amount of money from the "North America Consumer Promotion Draw."

Spirit Lake Police Department says the letter goes on to say a check will be mailed to the recipient after they've contacted a claim agent. It then gives a toll-free number to call.

Police also say the letter states a $1,000 processing and insurance fee will need to be paid upfront in order to have the check mailed.

Police say it's nothing but a scam and that if you receive such a letter in the mail you should just throw it away.

Spirit Lake police say they've had reports of people getting these letters recently.

KTIV Staff

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