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UNI student now receiving full $10K after basketball contest confusion


University of Northern Iowa student Dalton Hinsch will now receive the full $10,000 award and more after being denied the money following a halftime promotional contest Wednesday's basketball game.

UNI Athletics and CB Seeds, the sponsor involved in the contest, announced in a press release, that they have decided to award Hinsch with the full prize money after previously saying he did not complete the challenge in 24 seconds and giving him $2,000 instead.

Hinsch made all four shots: a layup, a free throw, a three-pointer and a half-court shot, but there was confusion on how much time was remaining.

He ended up making all four within 27 seconds, which exceeded the given time limit but because of the confusion and the fact that he hit all four shots, Hinsch is being awarded the full prize.

In addition to the money, Hinsch will also receive a package to watch the Panthers at Arch Madness, which includes tickets and a hotel stay.

"Thank you to UNI and CB Seeds for the prize," Hinsch said. "I understood the rules prior to the contest, and am truly grateful for UNI and CB Seeds going above and beyond and awarding me the $10,000. I look forward to seeing the Panthers win it all in St Louis!"

CB Seeds released this statement:

"We love UNI Athletics and are excited to be associated with Panther basketball," CB Seeds' Chuck Becker said. "We are sorry about the confusion that took place Wednesday night, but we are happy to reward Dalton for an amazing effort. We look forward to enjoying the rest of this great season and watching the Panthers continue their successful year."

With two more home games remaining, two more students have the chance to win the same $10,000 prize as Hinsch.


CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (AP) -- Fans are calling foul against the University of Northern Iowa and its business sponsor after a student was denied a $10,000 prize in a halftime basketball shooting promotion.

The flap began Wednesday night, when UNI student Dalton Hinsch got the chance at the prize if he made a layup, a free throw, a three-pointer and a half-court shot within what he and the crowd thought was a 30-second time frame.

Hinsch made all four shots within 27 seconds, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Officials then declared Hinsch hadn't got the last shot off in time.

While Hinsch didn't end up getting the $10,000, he did eventually get $2,000 and some gear.

Associated Press

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