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Sioux City Art Center opens Youth Art Month Exhibition

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - The Sioux City Art Center opened a brand new exhibit Sunday geared toward's the city's youth. It's called the Youth Art Exhibit.

The exhibit is part of the Center's annual youth art month, which starts in March.

This year middle schoolers from around Siouxland got to show off their artwork to friends, family and the public. Art Center Leaders say it's important to keep art in kids' lives.

"Middle school is such a weird time in most of our lives. Where you're trying to think about a lot of different things and as you're going through the school day always working for the right answer, art, music, things like that gives you a chance to come up with your own answer," said Todd Behrens, Director of the Sioux Ciy Art Museum.

Behrens adds Youth Art Month is a favorite amongst staff of the center. He says students featured in the exhibit have a sense of pride in their work.

"So, it's the kids who are bringing the families here but it's really fun to see the brothers and sisters, the parents, the grandparents," said Behrens. "The whole family comes to celebrate this one kid's accomplishment."

The exhibit is featured until April 14th and is on the third floor of the Art Center

Emily Schrad

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