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Sioux City shop lets people paint pottery with baby goats

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, folks in Sioux City got to relax by painting pottery... with the help of some baby goats.

Pickled Palette, an arts-and-crafts studio in Sioux City, today invited people to come paint some ceramic sculptures.

Five baby goats scrambled around with they painted, where they could pick them up and pet them.

The goats come from S.R. Jensen Farms, near Lawton, Iowa who says they were happy to be part of a unique experience.

"Everybody's trying to do something with goats and do something different," said Rashelle Jensen, Owner of S.R. Jensen Farms. "So, we thought it would be fun to bring them together to let people be on their creative side but also get to experience something that you don't usually get to experience everyday."

Pickled Palette was packed with people spending time with the baby goats.

The owner of the shop says the turnout has been better than expected.

"We have two more events on the following Sundays, but they're all sold out. It's quite the popular event," said Ashley Prince, Owner of Pickled Palette.

She also says the Pickled Palette is open during the week if you would like to stop in and paint some pottery.

Connor Foster

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