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Struggling for Food: Church & food bank distribute food for those in need

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE (KTIV) -- Where are you getting your next meal? Some may not know.

It's a basic necessity many of us take for granted and as people continue to horde and overbuy supplies they don't need during the COVID-19 pandemic, food is top the minds of many in Siouxland.

"We want to make sure the most vulnerable have food," said First Lutheran Church Pastor Doug Dill.

During the first and third Thursdays of the month, it's not uncommon to see people lining up for a food distribution in South Sioux City, Nebraska, but things looked a bit different Thursday.

"Normally it's a shopping cart and you come pick up the foods that you want, but today it will be boxes," said Dill.

That's because it's not recommended to have more than groups of 10 gathering together.

But, making sure those who need it the most, get that food, is still extremely important.

"So what they will do, is they will come up to the truck and they will be asked how many families and they'll be given boxes off of that," said Dill. "There will be meats, there will be vegetables, there will be canned goods, dried goods."

"What I hope for is people quit taking off the shelves of stuff they don't need," said Dill. "We need to be able to provide for everyone. Not just those who can get to the store and take as much as they can."

Pastor Dill said questions still remain about what comes next during this pandemic, but he said a food distribution will still continue. Now where that distribution happens and how it's conducted may still be in question.

Pastor Dill said normally they serve more than 80 people, but they were expecting a lot more Thursday.

The next distribution is planned for April 2nd.

You can check Food Bank of Siouxland's website for the latest information about where and when that will happen for sure.

Click here for the latest news and information on the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Michaela Feldmann

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