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Two local companies partner to provide free hand sanitizer to the community

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SPENCER, Iowa (KTIV) -- From paper products to food, some stores are running out of items as soon as they stock new shipments. Two Siouxland businesses decided they wanted to help in this time of need.

"With many local stores out of hand sanitizer, two local companies are coming together to help out the community," said Reporter Emily Schrad.

"A lot can change in a couple of weeks. I think we all know that by now," said Ryan Bare, Founder of Century Farms Distillery."

Hand sanitizer is something many people are looking for because of their concerns over COVID-19.

When local stores we're unable to keep up with the demand for sanitizer, Century Farms Distillery and West O Beer decided to use their skills with alcohol to serve the community.

"It's a great opportunity to you know, actually serve the public and help people out with this. So, glad we can do our part. Never in a million years did I think our little operation here in Spencer, IA would be vital to National Defense Health and Welfare.. everything else," said Ryan Bare, Founder of Century Farms.

The two companies started making their own hand sanitizer.

And they are giving it away to the public, for free.

Community members could bring their own containers and get 4 ounces to take home.

"It means a lot to us to help out the community. We had a week there where we were helpless. We felt helpless. Our revenues are dropping as small businesses. And unfortunately, we're laying people off right now. So, getting together to do something like this just gives us hope. It gives us the opportunity," said Matt Matthiesen, owner of West O Beer.

One Spencer, Iowa man says he's thankful.

"I thought it was a really good idea for these people to step up and do that. I'm hoping it will help them support their business," said Jim Dean, Spencer, IA.

Ryan Bare, the founder of Century Farms Distillery, says the community was so helpful when his business started in 2017. He says it's nice to return the favor.

"Which I think this is the most rewarding thing in this. To be able to give back the community in that way after receiving so much help at this point," said Bare.

If you missed your chance to grab some of the homemade hand sanitizer, West O Beer in Okoboji, Iowa will be giving it away from 4-6 Tuesday, March 24.

You can bring your own container. If you don't have one, they'll provide you with one.

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