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Drive-thru testing for COVID-19 available in Woodbury County starting Friday

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -- All three Siouxland states continue to expand testing capabilities for COVID-19.

In spite of the fact that Woodbury County has just three confirmed cases, expanded testing will likely identify more.

Thursday, Siouxland District Health addressed how it will move forward to expand local testing for COVID-19.

They announced a drive-thru clinic location in Woodbury County, is being implemented to test for COVID-19.

They did not, and are not, disclosing where that location will be because they said they don't want individuals to just show up.

So here's how the process works. People who want to be tested must first speak with their primary care physician. That can either be done via phone call or telehealth.

Their physician will then do a symptom assessment and issue an "order" if they are eligible for testing.

Those eligible will then be sent communication via a text or other means that tells them where to report and what time the testing appointment will be.

Health experts emphasize only those with an official "order" from a primary care physician will be allowed in what they are calling the testing "Q."

"We do not want ill people in locations where they are going to be interacting with potentially not ill or less symptomatic," said Kevin Griem of Siouxland District Health. "So this also provides, because the individuals will not even exit their car, they will actually stay within their automobile and they will do that drive-thru. We are looking at minimizing any sort of exposure to other audiences in the general public."

Health officials said this will also help minimize the use of personal protective equipment, which is in short supply.

Officials add, if someone from Nebraska or South Dakota is set up with a primary care physician in any one of the clinic networks, they are eligible for testing, as long as they have that order.

If a positive result would come back, officials said that would be recorded in the individuals home county and not Woodbury County.

That drive-thru testing clinic opens Friday.

Officials said they are still working to clarify the number of tests that have been done in the community.

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Michaela Feldmann

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