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Staying healthy while staying home

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Whether you just started working from home, or have been self-isolating for a while, chances are your daily routine has been disrupted.

That likely includes your diet and exercise routine.

During times like these, experts say many could turn from healthy snacking only a couple of times a day, to unhealthy, boredom-related eating just to pass the time.

According to local trainers, there are still ways to maintain fitness and health while quarantined.

The "COVID 15" is a nickname given to the unwanted weight some people have gained over the past month.

Trainers say the extra pounds could be the result of a lot of different factors.

One has to do with no access to local gyms.

They suggest using at-home workouts that can be found online, or simply going for a walk.

Another factor for the extra weight could be your diet.

"Whether you're quarantined at home or not, you want to aide and fill your body with good nutrition. You're not eating because you're bored or just because you're at home and you see it in the kitchen, you're eating to fuel your body towards your goal. Plus, with the whole COVID-19 situation and all the other changes that are going on in our world right now, that regular training will help to make your immune system stronger," said Jay Todd, owner of JT Training.

If interested in at-home workouts, many trainers suggest using things like books and soup cans for weights, and elevated surfaces for more high-intensity training.

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