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DECISION 2020: U.S. House candidate Randy Feenstra interview

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UNDATED (KTIV) - State Senator Randy Feenstra, of Hull, Iowa, is one of five Republicans vying for their party's nomination, and the right to face Democrat J.D. Scholten in the November general election.

"Mr. Feenstra, if elected to congress, how will you help jump-start economic recovery here at home, and rebuild after the damage to farmers, packers, producers from the COVID-19 pandemic?" asked Matt Breen. "It all starts with being an effective, conservative leader… to being on the committees," said Sen. Randy Feenstra, (R) Iowa District 4 U.S. House Candidate. "The committee process is where everything starts. For us it's all about agriculture. We have to make sure that we do everything possible to help our producers. Our producers are the 'breadbasket to the world'. We are either number 1 or 2 in corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, eggs and dairy. We have to be effective."

"Congress is now weighing the third federal aid package to help Americans hit hard by COVID-19," said Breen. "What would you have done differently in response to the pandemic?" "Well, I would not have supported the "HEROES" bill," said Feenstra. "That was a $3-trillion giveaway. What we need to do is make sure people stay employed. We've got to help our businesses and our farming communities so everyone can stay involved in their jobs. We have unemployment nearing 20-percent right now. How we help is making sure people in the workforce."

"If after the 2020 election, the balance of power remains the same in the House, how will you work with the Democratic majority to help the people of the 4th District?" asked Breen. "In agriculture it's all about being collaborative," said Feenstra. "We all want to be the 'breadbasket to the world' because that's what we are in the 4th district. So, that means we can work across lines to help our producers, to make suer we get rid of the monopoly that we have with our packers, right now. We have to work with the Department of Justice to make suer we break up this monopoly and help to make sure we have a sustainable food source in the future."

"What makes you the best candidate for the job?" asked Breen. "I have delivered results in the Iowa Senate," said Feenstra. "From Main Street to agriculture, I've shared the conservative values of cutting taxes, creating jobs protecting life and defending our second amendment rights. It's about my endorsements from National Right To Life, to the endorsements of Ambassador Branstad, Bob VanderPlaats. Getting an 'A' from the NRA. These are all things that make me an effective, conservative leader that will get things done in Congress."

Matt Breen

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