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Coronavirus Task Force briefing held amid surge in cases

WATCH LIVE: First White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing in nearly two months as infections surge in nearly half the country.This stream courtesy of KWWL, our sister station in Waterloo, Iowa.

Posted by KTIV News 4 on Friday, June 26, 2020

(NBC News) The first coronavirus task force briefing in nearly two months is planned for today, as infections surge in over half the country.

Click here to watch the briefing on KTIV's Facebook page.

33 states have seen an increase in the last week, and the CDC says the U.S. could be looking at 23 million people infected, even though tests are only showing a fraction of that.

President Trump self-corrected again last night on whether the us should do less testing.

"I jokingly say or sarcastically say if we didn't do tests, we would look great. But you know what, it's not the right thing to do," said Mr. Trump.

He's contradicting his own health experts and governors, who are seeing a surge in COVID-19.

The nation's three largest states – Florida, Texas and California – are seeing an explosion of new cases. Texas has hit the pause button on reopening, as Houston becomes a new hotspot. New cases have doubled there in less than a week.

While many remain skeptical about wearing masks, medical experts are concerned about the surge among young adults. Also at risk: communities of color. Federal data shows African Americans are four times more likely to land in the hospital.

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