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Hot cars: What you need to know to keep children and pets safe this summer

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -- Whether it's having to take a trip to the bank or the store, life can get us going in a hurry. But with these hot summer days here to stay, it's important to check the backseat for your loved ones.

"It's just so critically important to watch out for the safety of our kids and pets," said Sergeant Jeremy McClure.

Sioux City Community Police Sergeant Jeremy McClure says leaving a child or pet in a hot vehicle can be deadly.

For pets, he says leave the car running, if you have to leave them in the car.

For children, it's safest to make sure they're not left alone.

"Put a small stuffed animal in the car seat. And then when your child is in the car seat, it's in the front seat with you to remind you that the child is back there, just to avoid accidents or mishaps like that. People get into a routine and sometimes when they change that routine it's easy to forget about a child in a car, unintentionally. So, do a little something to remind you that that child's in the car," said McClure.

McClure adds, police can take action, if children or pets left unattended.

"Potentially, if someone leaves a child or pet in a hot car unattended, they could face criminal charges depending on the circumstances. We'll fully investigate that and work with the county attorney to make an appropriate charge if necessary," said McClure.

He reminds everyone what a hot car can do to a child or pet.

"Even if it's an 80-degree day, the car can reach temperatures well over 100 degrees very quickly. And these are very dangerous temperatures for a child or a pet to be in. Just, if you want to experience it, turn your car off and sit in there for a few minutes and see how fast the temperatures rise," said McClure.

Sergeant McClure says if you take those steps and make sure to check the back seat, you can prevent an unnecessary loss of life.

He says if you see a child in a car on a hot day, make sure to call 911. If you see a pet, he says you can call the non-emergency number.

Emily Schrad

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