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HEALTHBEAT 4: Returning to play

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -- Sports throughout Siouxland are slowly getting back into action. But, injuries can come along with that.

To help get people back into top shape, athletic trainers at CNOS use a return to play program.

"Your risk of re-injury would go up," said Dan Nelson, CNOS Certified Athletic Trainer.

Reducing that risk of injury is the main goal of the :Return to Play" program.

"After you have had an injury, especially a surgical injury, and you've passed, the doctor says it's ok and stuff, we've developed a program to where you can be back to your normal self," said Nelson.

Nelson said that program depends on what kind of injury you have. A common one they see is an ACL tear.

"Make sure that their surgically repaired leg is just as good as their healthy leg," said Nelson. "You know, you may have an ankle problem that may kind of offset things, and you may end up having a knee or hip problem on the opposite side."

Through a series of tests, they can assess people's strength and how they are progressing.

"Assess their vertical jump, we also assess their vertical jump on one leg at a time," said Nelson. "There's also a two-legged standing long jump."

Nelson said they want to make sure any underlying causes or problems that may have led up to the initial injury, are addressed to reduce the risk of further injury.

"I think this helps, doing this testing," said Nelson. "So that they know themselves like, hey I'm just as good, my one leg is just as good as my other leg and I can get back to doing what they want to do."

Nelson said another concern is that so many people have been indoors during the pandemic. With people not doing as much activity and not having sports for a while, he said it's important for trainers and those injured to slowly ease back into activities.

Michaela Feldmann

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