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Grillin’ With News 4: Armadillo Eggs

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Armadillo Eggs (1)
Armadillo Eggs (4)
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Armadillo Eggs (3)

(KTIV) -- Next up on this summer's Grillin' with News 4 is a sweet and simple recipe that's sure to have you asking for seconds.

Andrew Bundy of Dakota City, Nebraska has shared with us his recipe for "Armadillo Eggs."


  • Small peppers, sweet or spicy
  • Cheese and/or cream cheese
  • Sausage
    • Note from Andrew, "I prefer breakfast sausage."
  • BBQ sauce
    • Note from Andrew, "I prefer Cookies Original."


  1. Remove the stem from the peppers and scoop out their seeds, leaving the pepper intact.
  2. Stuff the peppers with the cheese and/or cream cheese of your choice, Colby jack cheese sticks can make this step easier.
  3. Wrap the stuffed pepper in an even layer of ground sausage, being careful to seal the pepper inside.
  4. Grill the stuffed and wrapped pepper until the sausage is just about done.
  5. Brush on a generous amount of BBQ sauce covering the entire pepper and finish cooking so the sauce caramelizes adding an extra pop of flavor.
  6. Rest for about 5 minutes and enjoy! 

If you'd like to submit your own recipe for this year's Grillin' with News 4, click here.

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