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Blood Donor Day continues as pandemic causes decrease in blood drives

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -- Blood donations are needed now more than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic has people staying home, holding back potential blood donors.

"We've seen up to 600-plus blood drives canceled. That's about 13 thousand units of blood. its been almost impossible to wrap our minds around. They've been canceled because schools aren't in session, businesses are working remotely," said spokesperson Claire Deroin

LifeServe Blood Center in Sioux City has seen drastic drops in blood drives according to its spokesperson Claire Deroin.

"You never know who is going to need a blood transfusion, maybe it ends up being one of your loved ones," said Deroin

LifeServe Blood Center is still doing everything it can to put blood into Siouxland, even if businesses aren't holding blood drives. That is why KTIV is still holding it's annual blood drive during the pandemic.

The blood drive is Aug.7 at Singing Hills Mall.

This year, donors are required to make an appointment to donate. Masks are required while donating blood.

It starts with people knowing they can donate blood if they're healthy.
In fact, the Centers For Disease Control is encouraging blood donors to give.

"It's kinda a fight we're fighting on all sides to get the blood where it needs to be but blood donor day is one of those events that will help us get there," said Deroin.

There are some debunked myths about donating blood during the pandemic. COVID isn't a blood-borne illness, so it is safe to donate as long as health guidelines are followed.

LifeServe Blood Center is making it as safe as possible for donors during this pandemic. Workers will be in proper Personal Protective Equipment and sanitizing to make sure you feel comfortable and safe from the virus.

Donors are required to wear a mask.

To learn more about Blood Donor Day and schedule an appointment, click here.

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