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MercyOne doctor gives advice on traveling and cleaning product safety

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(KTIV) -- Schools are starting to reopen and as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, so is the need to continue washing your hands, wearing masks, and social distance.

Dr. Larry Volz, the medical director for MercyOne Siouxland Medical Center, met with KTIV's Stella Daskalakis Wednesday to answer a few questions.

Stella: How can people build up their immune system, and will that help prevent COVID-19?

Dr. Volz: So, building up your immune system would obliviously prevent or help them when they develop COVID-19, but the only thing people can do really is, there's not really a pill you can take. Part of it is just making sure you're taking care of yourself. You're getting plenty of rest, you're eating healthy, eating lots of fresh vegetables, fruits full of Vitamin C, exercising, taking time to make sure you're stress is under control, spending time being mindful. Just taking time to rest and care for yourself. If you do have a chronic disease, making sure you're taking care of that like diabetes. Making sure you're taking your meds and making sure it's all under control.

Stella: Are strong cleaning products, like bleach wipes, safe to use around kids and pets?

Dr. Volz: So these wipes can be safe to use. They're good at cleaning the surfaces, but the thing you want to be careful with kids is making sure they're not around them when they're still wet and for those to be effective they need to stay wet for several minutes before they dry. If you're going to use those to clean things your younger children are going to be putting in their mouths, you need to make sure you rinse off those toys or other objects that you cleaned with them before they would go back into the hands of your children.

Stella: Travel is on the minds of a lot of people. Will airplanes be safe? What should you do to prepare if you’re planning on traveling?

Dr. Volz: I think avoiding travel if you can, particularly if you're at risk, this is something you shouldn't consider. If your health is not really a concern then you can travel safely. When you're on an airplane though, you really need to make sure you're trying to maintain that social distancing. Prepare ahead of time. Make sure you bring your masks and that you have good enough masks to last your whole trip. Bring a travel hand sanitizer to make sure that you're washing your hands in-between. Using most of the techniques that we use to try and keep safe when we're around town and going to stores are the same things you need to use when going on a plane.

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