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How to spot the warning signs of child trafficking

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - According to the Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking, child trafficking is happening at alarming rates.

The mission of the Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking is to work toward abolishing all forms of human trafficking through education, collabortaion, and advocacy.

Linda Holub, Co-Chair of the organization, says there are several ways children get coaxed into sex trafficking.

Children who run away from the foster care system can be lured in with food, clothing, or a place to stay -- and -- through social media.

"This is how many applications there are for predators to access your children," said Linda Holub, Co-Chair of Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

Holub says although we don't see them, predators are out there.
She says parents should limit the amount of time children use their electronics, as well as monitor their use of social media.

"Because this is what children do, they are so trusting that they will say oh I go to school here, the mascot is this, and this allows predators to locate them," said Holub.

Holub says usually, conversations children have on online apps, are friendly, but they can quickly escalate into something much more alarming.

"Isn't it sad that something that's meant for so much good, has so much evil invested in it as well," said Holub.

Holub says, one of the warning signs -- the personalities of children who are being trafficked often change. They don't communicate like they used to.

"We know it's happening, to the degree of this location we don't know but our whole is to prepare people inform them so we can prevent their children from being exposed to this," said Holub.

Holub says parents should talk to their children about human trafficking.

She adds,statistics are extremely difficult to come by because the victim has to be willing to testify - and in most cases -- they don't.

There are also several web filters parents can use to keep their children safe online.

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