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Judge sides with Trump campaign, rules Woodbury County absentee ballot request forms invalid

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -- One day after an Iowa judge voided 50,00 absentee ballot requests from Linn County, a second judge has ruled to invalidate 14,000 more in Woodbury County.

Judge Patrick Tott heard arguments Friday on the dispute in Woodbury County and made the decision to void the absentee ballot forms sent out by Woodbury County's election commissioner Patrick Gill.


At issue was Gill's decision to send absentee ballot request forms to over 56,000 registered voters that had their personal information filled in. According to court documents, Gill estimates 14,000 are in response to his mailing of pre-populated Absentee Ballot Request forms (ABR's).

Judge Ian Thornhill ruled Thursday that a similar mailing in eastern Iowa's Linn County violated a directive from the Iowa Secretary of State, who ordered counties to leave the forms blank when mailed to voters in order to ensure uniformity statewide.

According to court documents filed late Friday in Woodbury County, Gill is ordered to obey Pate's directive in full; obey all other lawful orders or directives of the Iowa Secretary of State; and "shall with respect to any prepopulated ABR forms returned to his office: a) contact the sender in writing to inform the sender that the prepopulated ABR form should not have been sent in the form provided by the Defendant; b) inform the sender that the Defendant is unable to act on the prepopulated ABR form; and c) invite the sender to submit an ABR in the form prescribed by the Iowa Secretary of State."

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