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Holiday water tips: How to stay safe on the boat

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(KTIV) -- The roads won't be the only areas that will be busy this holiday weekend.

Staffers with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources say lakes also are a "hot spot" for activity during the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Many people choose to spend their labor day holiday out on the boat. But while a day on the water can be fun, local DNR officers say it's important to know how to stay safe.

Iowa Conservation Officer Steve Griebel says on busy holiday weekends, it's important to keep safety at the forefront, throughout the holiday weekend.

Griebel says don't get too close to other boats. Always be on the lookout, even if others aren't.

Keeping life jackets in an easily accessible place for all passengers on board is another way to be safe on the water.

"There are always a lot of things that are pretty common. You know, this time of the year, people have had some experience on the water already. Which is great, say, versus Memorial Day Weekend. But even with experience sometimes, we gain a little bit of extra confidence. So, always remember to slow down. That's a big one. Like I said, usually this time of year there's a little bit more confidence out there, which causes some trouble," said Steve Griebel, Iowa Conservation Officer.

Griebel says while you don't need a license to drive a boat, there are still consequences to drinking and operating a boat.

"If you are going to drink, just make sure you have a responsible driver and stay below .08. We always say don't go overboard," said Griebel.

He adds, if you do find yourself in an emergency situation on the water, call 911.

"If you can render aid and you're comfortable doing that safely, by all means try to help out. Get people out of the water, get them to shore, whatever you need to do. But obviously, never put yourself in an unsafe situation," said Griebel.

Griebel emphasizes the importance of following all those steps to make sure you have a safe time out on the boat.

Griebel says the agency wants people to have fun over the holiday weekend, but to make sure they have fun responsibly.

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