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Basics of voting in Iowa


Before voting in Iowa, it's important to know if you're registered at your current address. The deadline to register by mail is Oct. 19. Additionally, the deadline to register online is Oct. 24.

Iowa is one of the few states where you can register in-person on Election Day. If you're planning to register at your polling place, you're required to bring a proof of ID and proof of residency, which can include a residential lease, utility bill, or paycheck.

If you cannot provide the aforementioned documents, another voter in your precinct can attest for you. Both you and the attester will sign an oath swearing the statements being made are true.

Click here to register online.

Click here to download a voter registration form.


In Iowa, you are able to vote by mail without an excuse.

If you'd like to request an in-mail ballot, you must fill out a request form. All registered voters in Iowa should receive their absentee request form automatically.

Click here to download a request form.

The first day you could vote absentee was Oct. 5. Mail ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 2 and received by Nov. 9. You can also submit an absentee ballot in-person at your county auditor's office so long as they receive it before polls close on Nov. 3.

After you vote by mail, you can track your absentee ballot here.


Last, of all, you have the option to vote in-person on election day, which is Nov. 3. Where you go to vote depends on your precinct.

Click here to find your polling place.

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