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Mt. Zion Baptist Church celebrates 120-year anniversary

mt. zion

(KTIV) -- It's a major milestone for Mt. Zion Baptist Church - they have been serving the Siouxland community for 120 years.

It all started off with a small mission group in 1885. Without a building to worship in, the group met in homes. From that came Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

While the Sioux City church looks different, their roots and what they stand for remains the same.

"This church has helped so many families, so many lives have been changed and been converted, and have gotten help up because of Mt. Zion, and we are just so grateful that we have been able to meet the needs of this City, meet the needs of this community," said Rev. Jeremy Robertson.

Members of the church faced many challenges, and Mt. Zion was a safe zone.

"There were some times where it seemed like there were mighty winds that came in, and there were tribulations, but we see where they were few in number fast and prayed, and continued to give God their best, and through that God blessed them," said Rev. Jeremy Robertson.

Rev. Robertson says throughout the years, the church began to grow in membership, as well as spiritually. He says before COVID-19, every Sunday, Mt. Zion was a full house.

"We are the beacon in this community, so I believe Mt. Zion has chosen to stay here because this is home," said Rev. Robertson.

This Saturday, the church will be hosting a free car show from 12 - 3 p.m. in the parking lot. Food trucks and live music will be part of the festivities.

Xava Parra

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