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Decision 2020: Interview with Adrian Smith, Republican candidate for Nebraska’s 3rd District

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Adrian Smith

(KTIV) -- Three candidates are vying for Nebraska's 3rd District seat in the U.S House of Representatives.

KTIV was able to interview all three candidates: Democratic candidate Mark Elworth Jr., Libertarian Candidate Dustin Hobbs and Republican incumbent Adrian Smith.

KTIV's Claire Bradshaw talked with Congressman Adrian Smith of Nebraska, who's running for re-election to District 3 in the U.S.House of Representatives, to learn more about his campaign. You can read the full interview below:

"Congressman Smith, in a recent column, you praised passage of the CARES Act, which funded a COVID-19 vaccine and created economic bridges to help small businesses, CARES Act funding has run out," said Claire Bradshaw. "But, you voted against a second COVID-19 relief package which passed the House because you described it as partisan. What would you like to see in a second COVID-19 relief package?"

"I think looking forward, we should look to see what has been working," said Rep. Adrian Smith, (R) Nebraska. "I think now is not the time to add a whole bunch of extraneous items to the add to the so-called Kovik deal just because it can be done. We need to be as specific as we can and effective as we can to to make sure that folks who need the help receive the help."

"Congressman, the Trump administration has asked the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act. How would you replace the ACA if it is ruled unconstitutional?" asked Bradshaw.

Well, the priority, I believe, should be making sure that people with pre-existing conditions have coverage, the Affordable Care Act has really hurt a lot of people, and I think we can move forward with a system and a process that covers folks who need it so that no one will be harmed," said Smith. "But also looking beyond just the federal government, that the federal government has really forced the insurance premiums to just skyrocket. And I hear from families all the time who have been harmed by the Affordable Care Act. So I think it's abundantly obvious that we can do a lot better, and that is to making sure that individuals and families can make the decisions that they need to make for themselves and at the same time having access to affordable coverage."

"Congressman, in the past, you have vowed to work on solutions to restore solvency to Social Security and protect Nebraskans. So I'll ask, which of the following would you consider raising the payroll tax rate, changing the way the annual cost of living adjustments are calculated, raising the retirement age or investing Social Security trust funds in the stock market?" asked Bradshaw.

"But, the Social Security issue is very important, and to answer your question, I think would be premature without including more information and background," said Smith. "And let's face it, we don't always have the clear-cut decisions and options that we can make. But more than anything, we need to make sure that we can work together in a bipartisan fashion to shore up Social Security for the future. That's what has happened in the past. And moving forward, it needs to be bipartisan rather than just one side jamming the other with this issue. We need to make sure that it is bipartisan so that the American people can understand more and that, hey, the negotiations took place and that some changes were needed to be made. But I think the sooner we address this, the more seamless the resolve will be and that few people, if any, would actually feel it."

"Ok, thank you, Congressman," said Bradshaw. "Best of luck on Election Day."

"Thank you, have a good day," said Smith.

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