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Senate holds a rare weekend session

WASHINGTON (NBC) -- The senate held a rare Saturday session to debate confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Democrats oppose President Donald Trump's nominee and worked today to delay her confirmation.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called Barrett's confirmation the "least legitimate process in the country's history" as he urged the Senate to focus instead on coronavirus relief legislation.

But Republicans say they've taken as much time on Barrett's nomination as the average for Supreme Court confirmation.

"That's all we ask during the most desperate of times. All we ask is the ability to debate something that really matters to the American people. Instead of rushing through a judge, Supreme Court nominee, when the American people the decision made by them. Not by Republican senators. Not when her views only represent an extreme minority of the American people, her views on the key issues." Schumer said

"This is all about politics. This is a bogus issue to detract the Senate from the work at hand, which is to confirm a well-qualified judge to the Supreme Court, who had a well-qualified recommendation from the American Bar Association, which the Democratic leader in the past has said is the gold standard the gold standard when it comes to processing and considering judicial nominations. " South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune said.

Barrett is expected to be confirmed to the Supreme Court on Monday.

NBC News

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