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MercyOne Medical Center’s Dr. Volz answers COVID-19 holiday health questions

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(KTIV) - As we are nearing the Thanksgiving holiday, many Siouxlanders are concerned about how they can stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday Dr. Larry Volz, chief medical officer at MercyOne Siouxland Medical Center, spoke with KTIV's Stella Daskalakis.

QUESTION: Black Friday shopping is a staple for many families when it comes to Thanksgiving. Should people refrain from going to stores this year? What about the crowds to get into stores?

DR. VOLZ: Black Friday this year should really be different than in the past. We are very nervous about any of these events that are going on during Thanksgiving and people getting together in large numbers. Even wearing your mask during Black Friday shopping is going to be a dangerous event, having that many people rotating through the stores and in lines, we are very nervous about that. We should really refrain from what we normally do during Black Friday and try and shop at home.

QUESTION: We have questions about staying safe at Thanksgiving celebrations. Should we keep our masks on, even when we're 6 feet away from someone? Do we need our masks, even if we're with immediate family, but they live outside of the household?

DR. VOLZ: For the holidays this year we really need to ratchet it back how many people we have this year. We need to just be around the people that we normally are each day. If we are wondering if we need to be keeping our masks on, then they are probably too high risk. If there is no way around that, where you are going to be celebrating with people you don't see on a daily basis, keeping your mask on as much as possible is really the safest part, sitting around a table where people are really spread out because no is going to be eating with their masks on obviously. So try and put as much distance between people as you can. But really be safe around that meal is the main part. Or even having your meal outside if possible is really going to be helpful.

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