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Several USD professors to hold virtual panel to discuss COVID-19

VERMILLION, South Dakota (KTIV) - Several professors from the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of South Dakota will be holding a virtual panel to discuss COVID-19.

The panel discussion is titled “Boundless Intersections: What 5 Disciplines Can Teach Us About COVID-19”.

The goal of the panel: to help us understand COVID-19 and pandemics in general.

Topics include how COVID is putting pressure on governments, how quarantine is affecting people, and anticipating future resource needs.

"You want to look at a problem from various different perspectives to have a knowledge of how different people could be thinking about a certain issue or a topic that comes up and not just with the coronavirus, but with a lot of the issues today," said Dan Van Peursem, Professor and Chair of Mathematical Sciences.

Jake Kerby, will also be a panelist… he's the associate chair of biology at USD and researches disease ecology. What exactly does that mean, and what did he find out?

Kerby says it is the study of how diseases move through animal systems in nature.

Kerby has been working with researchers to investigate the potential for the spread of COVID from humans to our native bat populations in the U.S.

Kerby says just like bats can infect a human with COVID-19, a human can infect a bat.

He says the concern with this is that humans are infecting bats without knowing it, and causing them to act as a reservoir.

"So they can potentially pass it back to us, but I think even worrisome, could potentially help to generate a new strain of coronavirus that may lead to COVID 2022," said Jake Kerby, Associate Chair of Biology.

If you'd like to catch the panel talking about COVID-19, it'll be streamed on USD's Facebook page Thursday at 4 P-M.

Xava Parra

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