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Plasma used to help Iowa COVID-19 patients may run out in two weeks

The state of Iowa is asking recovered Iowans to donate their plasma, as demand for the treatment is outpacing the supply.

Convalescent plasma is taken from the blood of those who've recovered from the coronavirus and given as an experimental therapy to hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

For many patients it is the most effective treatments.

That includes Sue Kasperbauer. She tested positive for the coronavirus in June and was hospitalized after having difficulty breathing.

She says her family was told "it could go either way" then she received as infusion of convalescent plasma.

"I remember telling my nurse that I felt so much better afterwards. It was like my body woke up again after ten days of being in pain. For me the convalescent plasma seemed to me the thing that really turned things around and thankfully the treatment helped and started to get better. A person that I don't even know took time out of their life to donate plasma and help save my life," Said Sue Kasperbauer

Sue spent another ten days in the hospital after the treatment and now she is a doner. One plasma donation can help four patients.

Lifeserve Blood Center officials say its supply could be depleted by December first

Contact Lifeserve to donate if you have recovered. If you donate blood it will be tested to see if you have the antibodies needed to donate plasma.

You can reach out to Lifeserve here

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