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Siouxland Habitat for Humanity announces volunteer of the year, Charese Yanney


SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - A local nonprofit makes an important announcement, Monday.

Charese Yanney of Guarantee Roofing, Siding, and Insulation Company has been named Siouxland Habitat for Humanity's volunteer of the year.

The nonprofit builds and improves homes, in partnership with people, who are in need of a decent and affordable home.

The celebration was held at the most recent site that Yanney contributed to.

Guarantee Roofing has donated labor and materials for several local Habitat homes over the years.

Yanney said it is an honor to receive this award.

"It's a great project it really is, it's one of the best you could ever be a part of, in my opinion, and I've been involved in a lot of volunteer activities throughout my career in Sioux City since the 70s. and you can't beat this, you really can't," said Yanney, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer of the Year.

As part of her award, Yanney will be featured in the month of January, in an upcoming calendar fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.

Xava Parra

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