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Dakota City Fire Department gets two new tanker trucks

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DAKOTA CITY, Neb. (KTIV) - The Dakota City Fire Department welcomed two new shiny red tankers to their new home.

The Dakota-Convington Rural Fire District purchased two new fire tankers to replace their old ones, which were 20 years old.

Dakota City Fire Chief, Clint Rasmussen said the tankers come with several new features that will help the department better assist the community during an emergency.

"These trucks will carry more water, these trucks are 1,800 gallons while the other trucks were 1,500 so we will be able to get more water to the scene," said Rasmussen.

Those extra 300 gallons of water can go a long way, especially when the department gets called out to a fire in rural areas where a fire hydrant isn't available.

Rasmussen said one of the trucks has four-wheel drive, which will help during the winter months.

"For 20 years ago, what they used to be to now, there are a lot of safety features also in the trucks," said Rasmussen.

Rasmussen said they hope to get 20 to 25 years out of the new trucks.

The cost of the tankers combined was roughly $240,000.

"They found some budget money, with some good donations, and with the community's support they were able to purchase two of them," said Rasmussen.

Rasmussen said while they are a big upgrade for the department, they purchased them with the needs of the community in mind.

"Obviously nobody wants to have a house fire, but when they do we would like to have the best technology, and the best equipment to serve the community," said Rasmussen.

All of the firefighters will need to go through training before using the new tankers.

One of the old trucks will be going to their sister station in Jackson, Nebraska. The fire chief said they haven't purchased a new tanker since 1985.

Xava Parra

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