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Program in Le Mars, IA helping older adults struggling with anxiety and depression


LE MARS, Iowa (KTIV) - With the holiday season and isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic, some people may find themselves feeling anxious and depressed.

Floyd Valley Health Care in Le Mars, Iowa has a group therapy program to help senior adults who are struggling with those feelings.

The program is called "Senior Life Solutions."

According to Lori Johnson, who's a registered nurse and the program director, patients meet up to three times per week in a supportive group setting. She said a therapist works with the group to teach them coping skills and helps boost their support system.

Johnson added that the program staff also includes nurses, who can help with the medical side of the issue.

"It's very important for people to learn coping skills, especially with isolation. Fear and anxiety around the holidays, with get-togethers, what to do, what is best to do with their health," said Johnson.

Johnson said with the COVID-19 pandemic. the program currently meets virtually but in-person meetings are possible as well.

Diane Jorgensen, the program therapist, said one important coping skill they teach is "mindfulness."

That's the practice of re-examining what you expect this holiday season and understanding that you choose your thoughts.

"The holidays are very difficult, but now with COVID that adds a whole other layer of stress. It increases people's sense of isolation, and a really big gap between what they hope for and expect during this time with friends and family," said Jorgensen.

The program is designed for older adults typically ages 65 or over.
Johnson said referrals to the program can be made by anyone.

For more information, click here, or call: 712-546-3700

Leslie London

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