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Local law firm: Employers can make getting a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory, with some exceptions

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - A hot topic of discussion right now -- can an employer require their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

According to Goosmann Law Firm in Sioux City, generally yes, your place of work can make getting a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory.

The CEO and managing partner of the law firm, Jeana Goosmann, said if employees come into contact with the general public, or if an employer has a workforce where they need their employees there otherwise they would have a dramatic impact on their business, they can make the vaccine a requirement.

But there are exceptions. Goosmann said those include if a person has an ADA disability, or if a person has a genuine religious belief that prevents them from getting a vaccine.

"One of the things we are seeing employers do is wait until it's an FDA approved vaccine until they actually require it, right now what we are seeing are employers encouraging the employees to get the vaccine when it's available," said Jeana Goosmann, CEO and Managing Partner of Goosman Law Firm.

Goosman said there are many questions on whether an employer can be held liable if they do require the vaccine.

"That is certainly one of the concerns that employers are facing is if they do require it and if someone has an adverse side effect, will that prompt a lawsuit? That's not something that has not been tested yet because this is all new and new in the law, but at this time that is a risk for employers," said Goosmann.

Goosmann added that she believes employers will do more of a phased approach -- first by encouraging their employees to get the vaccine, then giving them a set date to get it.

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