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How to avoid a substance abuse crutch as a result of isolation

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -- Local mental health experts say some people could look toward alcohol or drugs as a crutch to aid recent feelings of loneliness or anxiety.

"We're pretty restricted on what we can do so people look to other comfort majors, and some people look to drugs or alcohol as a comfort major to try and take away that pain or what they're not able to do," said said Registered Nurse Cindy Lewin.

Lewin says taking an alternative route could make the difference for those, who are just now experiencing a hit to their mental health.

"We recommend group sessions or group therapy sessions. Also you can contact your provider and there are many different types of medication you could be put on for short-term, or long-term if needed, but they can go on short-term to help you get through these rough days," added Lewin.

As the holidays come to an end, with some people not able to spend the holidays with their family and friends, the season of joy and giving has taken on a different meaning.

"Your best bet is to try to reach out to other people and to reach out to your provider and seek other ways that can help," said Lewin.

Libbie Randall

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