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Siouxland District Health Department hosts COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Climbing Hill, IA

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CLIMBING HILL, Iowa (KTIV) -- The fight against the Coronavirus continues in Siouxland, as rural frontline workers Wednesday receive their COVID-19 vaccines.

The first doses of COVID-19 vaccines in Siouxland were distributed to frontline workers in hospitals.

Now, rural emergency medical services staff in smaller Siouxland communities are getting their vaccines.

The Siouxland District Health Department set up a COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Climbing Hill, Iowa, where frontline workers received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine.

"These guys and gals are going into people's homes. They're seeing sick people at their sickest. And it's really important that we get these folks protected. Not just in the city, not just in the urban areas, but in the rural areas as well. It's every bit as important and we're happy to be out here doing this," said Tyler Brock, Deputy Director of SDHD.

Tyler Brock, Deputy Director of the Siouxland District Health Department, said roughly 100 people signed up to be vaccinated.

"We had a pretty good handful of people come in before we even opened. And so, it seems like we have a pretty good response. It feels like of the appointments we had available to them, they all got filled. So, it seems like people are ready to go and ready to come in and get it done," said Brock.

He said most of the vaccines have been done by the hospitals.
And this vaccination clinic is a first for the Siouxland District Health Department.

"We're thrilled to do it, honestly. This is one of the things that we work on. We do a lot of preparedness activities to be able to deliver medical countermeasures, vaccines, other types of medications in an emergency. And so, this is what we've practiced to do," he said. "It's an excellent opportunity both for us to test some of our plans and processes, as well as make sure we get this to our frontline rural folks," said Brock.

It's an important step in keeping those healthcare workers safe.

Brock added, while there's a chance they may come up with an alternative way to deliver the second doses, the department most likely will return to Climbing Hill for participants to get the second round of their vaccine.

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