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Nebraska State Senator brings bill to the floor proposing electoral vote system change

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KTIV) - A state Senator in the Nebraska Unicameral has brought a bill to the floor that proposes to change the way Nebraska votes in the Electoral College.

Since 1991, Nebraska has appointed individual electors based on the winner of the popular vote for each Congressional district… and then two electors based on the winner of the overall state-wide popular vote.

Senator Julie Slama who brought the bill to the floor, says that she wants to help Nebraskans have more of an impact on the presidential election in the future. Sen. Slama says that this proposal has been brought to the floor nearly 20 times before, but it's never passed.

"My purpose in bringing LB76 is to give every Nebraska voter the say in how we distribute each of our five electoral college votes. Right now, Nebraska voters only have a say out of three of the five," said Sen. Slama.

Sen. Slama says this proposal's important, since they're heading into a redistricting year and says this will help make fair lines for the congressional districts.

There's only one other state that does this with their electoral college votes, which is Maine.

Brett Mayerson

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