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Democrats plan lightning Trump impeachment, want him out now

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats in Congress are swiftly laying plans to impeach President Donald Trump and ensure an “unhinged” commander in chief can do no further damage in his remaining days in office.

They are trying to send a message to the nation, and the world, that mob violence inspired by a White House will not stand. This after the shocking siege of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters left five dead.

Some Republicans are joining, saying Trump must go. Impeachment proceedings could begin in a matter of days. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she also has spoken to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff about preventing Trump from ordering a nuclear strike in his final days.

Pelosi's concern about constraining Trump's ability to launch a nuclear attack in his final days in office highlights a longstanding question: should any president have the sole authority to start a nuclear war?

There is no indication Trump is thinking of giving such an order. But the question itself is one that has troubled arms control advocates for years.

The military is obliged to follow all legal orders from their command-in-chief. But what if it were determined that a president's nuclear strike order was illegal under the law of armed conflict?

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