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Rev-Tac Firearm Instruction hosts women’s only course

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JACKSON, Neb (KTIV) -- Rev-Tac Firearm Instruction in Jackson, Nebraska held a Women's Only basic pistol course Sunday.

The women learned the basics of how to safely use a gun.

"I don't really know how to use it, I don't have the confidence I need. And there's just a lot to learn about protecting myself and all the reasons why I want to be a responsible gun owner. And so, I'm here to begin learning that process," said Susan Dziurawiec, participant.

She adds it was nice to be in a course with all women.

"It's really good because men have a totally different way I think of looking at guns and shooting and ammunition and things. And so being here with a group of women who are all beginning together gives us a great avenue to learn. To grow. And just to be more confident," said Dziurawiec.

Dziurawiec says while safety is a big part, there's more than one reason she wanted to learn.

"Keeping myself safe is very important to me, but my husband also has guns. So, we're able to do that together is important to me. I think it's just important that I do not make a mistake and do something wrong," said Dziurawiec.

Dziurawiec emphasized while it was important to learn to keep her safe, it's important to learn for the safety of those around her as well when handling a gun.

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