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Doctor addresses rumored fertility issues following COVID-19 vaccination

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - "Is there any concern with the vaccine causing issues with fertility in the future for those young people who take it?" asked Matt Breen.

"There doesn't appear to be any correlation with fertility challenges with the current vaccines that are available," said Dr. Jeffrey O'Tool, UnityPoint Health St. Luke's. "There's been some rumors spread about that, but that does not appear to be true."

"How long do antibodies remain as a defense if you have had COVID-19?" asked Breen.

"The last I read was Brad was there's probably a benefit out as far as eight months," said O'Tool. "We're still pretty new in the pandemic and that data keeps changing over time."

"Is it safe for people to go to restaurants with capacity limits?" asked Breen. "Or is the recommendation to stay home no matter what?"

"I think that people can go out to restaurants as long as they follow social distancing guidelines, and wear masks, and practice good hygiene," said O'Tool. "Be smart about it. If it's really packed, I would probably stay away. But, I think it's okay with limited capacity if you go out."

Matt Breen

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