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How South Dakota officials are dealing with the blizzard


SOUTH DAKOTA - Visibility has been an issue throughout the day, with strong winds and blowing snow.

In South Dakota, Union County Sheriff Dan Limoges said although visibility has improved, there are still slick spots drivers should be looking out for.

"I would suggest that you stay home, and stay warm, and if you do have to go out in the winter weather leave ahead of time, and don't speed," said Sheriff Limoges.

As of 5 p.m., the South Dakota Highway Patrol has responded to two accidents due to the weather conditions. Officials say there have also been several cars that ended up in ditches.

"Definitely don't make unnecessary trips, if they are out and about make sure you are wearing your seat belt, don't have your cruise control on, and slow down," said Trooper Emily Brigham with South Dakota Highway Patrol.

In North Sioux City South Dakota, plows have been out clearing the roads since early Friday morning.

Eric Christensen, the city administrator says they are trying to keep up with the storm, but the high winds are making it difficult. He said roads are still about 75% snow packed. So, he is encouraging people to stay home and be cautious when out and about.

"We are not aware of any accidents in the city limits of North Sioux City as a result of the storm so far, we are keeping up with the storm but we aren't getting ahead of it as of yet, and probably won't until the wind dies down," said Christensen.

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