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As Siouxlanders get fit for the new year, local gym sees more of an influx than last January

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -- Many people choose to start the new year by making resolutions, some of which involving getting healthier and going to the gym.

"With all the craziness, I think everybody needs a destresser. And working out is the best way to destress," said Laura Carlson, Owner.

Keeping to a New Year's resolution of getting to the gym isn't always easy.

But, Laura Carlson, Owner of Grind Fitness, said with everything going on with COVID, more and more people are looking for ways to get out of the house.

"I think right now, the normal new year's resolution people, I think it's hitting harder. I think people are just really realizing you know, maybe I should do something about my health. Rather than sit in my house and order in food. Just be more active, build your immunities," said Carlson.

Carlson said they've seen a bigger influx in people coming in this year compared to last January.

And whether they're looking to lose quarantine weight or just get out of the house, she says it's nice to see people working toward their goals.

Carlson added it can be beneficial working out around or with others.

"The support system is huge at the gym and I think that's why you know, it's obviously a little bit harder to work out at home if you choose to do that. Whereas you come in here and it's super motivating because seeing other people, the more regulars you know, helping the newer people, the new year's resolution people and I guess kind of get into a rhythm and maybe finding them and working out with them," said Carlson.

And for those who doubt if they can do it…

"Stick to it. I mean it's got to be a daily thing. You have to stick to it every single day. I mean, take a couple days off and it's hard to get back in.

Working towards keeping that new year's resolution.

Carlson said she sees many people who are new to the gym start out with a trainer.

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